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Welcome to SGmastering, high quality analog/digital online mastering service. Our goal is to provide first class service in the most comfortable and fastest way. In our studio we are using only the high end equipment including API 2500, Dangerous Music Bax EQ or Gyraf Gyratec G14 passive tube mastering EQ with superb precise monitoring Dutch and Dutch 8c. To achieve best result we use the best from both world , the precision of digital processing and warm and rich sound of analog gear.

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Peter aka SIGURT founder of SGMASTERING has 10+ years’ experience in music industry. He started his carrier as drum and bass producer and you can find his tracks on label such as Liquid Brilliants Records, Urban Chemistry, Dephrecords, CrossBase Records, Biobull, DNBB Recordings, Live And Dangerous or Nu Venture Records.

"It's not how loud you make it, it's how you make it loud" (B.Katz)


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Airstrike, Audioholic, Nelver, Silence Groove, Histronics, Static, Oscillist, Shubny, Patiente, Salaryman, LM1, Seathasky, Thesis, Spyre, Halo Dog, Chinensis, Apok, Stressless, Parhelia, Deskai, Abigail Press, Loose End & Alexander Boyko, SoundNbeats, KeOSz, Good Natured Threat, Niburu, Abnormal, Statiq Cradle, Double Dyke Slave Aria, Sonority, Says, Riava ...


1 - 3 songs 35e per song
4+ songs 30e per song

New clients get a free audio mastering on their first submitted song.
This way you can hear firsthand how your music can be sounding after analog processing.

    Place an order -> Approve mastering clip -> Pay for online mastering -> Download fully mastered track


To place a mastering request you can use form below or contact us directly via email: To deliver the track use sendspace or other similar services (soundcloud etc.). Do not forget to mention your contact email address. The preferred format for accepting tracks for mastering is 24bit WAV file with no clipping and no limiter on master buss. The loudness and dynamic will be done in mastering stage. If you could please provide reference track so we can easy enhance the track to direction you are loking for.




If you have any question about mastering service, you are very welcome to contact us at any time. We will do our best to response as soon as possible.